Hello everyone!

Last year we made something which we intended to give you later this spring, but... Covid-19 happened 🤯! So now that we've been sitting at home for a few weeks we started thinking it would probably make you all really happy during these scary times if we just went ahead and put it out there. So we decided to release our second EP, Time Stands Still digitally!

You can download Time Stands Still in its entirety by making a donation of any amount. We plan to do this for a few weeks, and then we'll release it on all your favorite streaming channels.

If you want to listen now instead of waiting, answer me these riddles threeeee: 🧙‍♂️

  1. Donate any amount through VenCashPal (see the links below).
  2. Include your email when you make a donation.
  3. Wait for us to check our email! Don't worry, we're glued to our computers 24/7 too.

Those weren't riddles. We hope this music resonates with you right now as much as it does for us, and that it helps you find the joy in these difficult times. Thank you for supporting us - we can't wait to see you all back in the real world!

Love, Partials


<aside> ⚠️ Remember to include your email when you donate! It's the only way we can send you the link!


You can donate here to get a private link to Time Stands Still:

Venmo: partials-music Cash App: $partialsmusic Paypal: partialsmusic